Visualize This: Six Months to One Year from Now

You're Living Your Ideal Life. 

What Does That Destination Look Like for You? 

It is Your Life, you only get one. It is Time to Prioritize You?

What does your head, heart, and soul long for when the lights go out at night, or you wish for first thing in the morning when awakening?

Transform Your Desires and Longings Into a Tangible Reality.

STARTING TODAY, become the CEO of your own happiness!
Conquer Chaos, Master Your Emotions, & Achieve All you Desire! Be in total control of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationships, business, time, and LIFE! 

Together, one on one, we will identify and eliminate everything that holds you back from your Ideal Life. Eliminate all the chaos, crisis, conflicts, and negative circumstances from your life, work, family, and all relationships.

Elevate your life with Fred DeFalco, a multi-dimensional Life Coach, Business Coach, and Success Partner with 50 years of experience and has invested 50 million dollars in programs and experiments that will directly benefit YOU by compressing his 50 years of experience.  


  • Feeling Stuck in "Less Than" Mode?
  • ​Feeling Sick & Tired?
  • Successful but not happy?
  • ​Happy but not successful?
  • ​You have plenty money but miserable?
  • ​Miserable because you can’t get money needed?
  • Can’t sleep because? 
  • You are Rich Enough to buy anything except _______?
  • ​ Business Crisis, Conflicts & Circumstances Running you vs you running your business? 
  • ​ Marriage, Relationship Crisis, Conflicts & Circumstances? SEXLESS MARRIAGE / RELATIONSHIP? NO ROMANCE? 
  • ​Family Conflicts, Crisis & Circumstances?
  • ​Money Circumstances?
  • ​Legal Circumstances? 
  • ​Health Circumstances, Medication needed to cope?
  • Your own body or other bodies controlling and ruling YOU!


  • You achieved the HNWI or UHNWI status, BUT always asking, now what?
  • ​Struggling to be a Success?
  • ​Life ruled by Juggling all your Success?
  • Your Success has become chains?
  • ​Coaches, mentors, religion, and others, came up short helping you find REAL personal satisfaction? 
  • Your SPOUSE is estranged but in the same HOUSE? 
  • You and your children do not know one another or adult children are still dependent on you?
  • ​Life is Strangled in pursuit of Success?
  • ​Running from Success?
  • ​Scared by Success?
  • ​Not comfortable with your Success?
  • Feelings of JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH, YET, but one day you think you will be?     
What got you to where you are today? 

Transform into a happier, healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself in every aspect of your life—What you are, What you do, What you have, 
and What you pursue!

Fred DeFalco: Committed to Your Success and Happiness
I am passionate about helping you achieve all that your head, heart, and soul desires. With my guidance, you'll unlock new levels of success, satisfaction, and happiness that you've always longed for.

We will Identify and Eradicate all the Bad Beliefs Systems, Bad Habits, Bad Business, Bad Relationships, Bad Behaviors, Bad Commitments, Bad Advice, and Bad Thinking that holds you back from the life you long for and only imagine!


Fred is a great coach! I have coached with many coaches for various aspects over 25 years and spent a lot of money on personal and professional development. Many of these investments have not delivered the return, value or impact. In just my first month with Fred, he has helped transform the way I think and approach things in such a positive way. It has improved my relationships, the way I view and feel about myself and my achievements to be celebrated and be grateful rather than critical. He has also helped with creating habits with managing my life and business and I am becoming much more productive by focusing on the right tasks and projects that are inline with my passions, visions, and goals. 
Spite all our success in life, our 10 year marriage was miserable. Fred's coaching gave my husband and I what we needed to experience respect, joy, and love that had been missing in 10-years of marriage. We both struggled with clearly defining our vision, mission and real purpose in life. His process, knowledge, tools and resources guided us through to be able to get it clearly identified, in a written life plan. 
Fred TRULY cares. He has a vast array of talents and experiences I have ever witnessed in just one person. His life experience is amazing. He will help you, your business, and personal relationships beyond your own belief.
Expertise is an understatement when referring to Fred DeFalco. His handling of three different corporate projects that were bound for failure was turned into gold miraculously. We are so impressed with his professional, knowledgeable, and strategic approach to crisis management. His highly developed awareness of how the business and the personal interrelate is impressive.
With a lifetime in the entertainment business, I pronounce Fred DeFalco a “STAR”. He has handled many complicated matters for my business and family members over the last 25 years. When crisis struck our family that almost destroyed one of our adult children, Fred not only saved her but stuck with her all the way until on the right path, today she is now living out her dreams and very happy.  
My husband and I are not sure what would have happened to our family of five had it not been for Fred DeFalco. Despite all our business success and wealth, our family life, personal life, and social life was a disaster even though we hid it well in our extended family and social circles. Our lives are much different, we are a powerhouse team that controls our circumstances versus any of them controlling us or our family.
During a potential lucrative corporate buyout of our major business, there was a revolt among 90% of our 300 employees. It was so bad it came very close to destroying our golden opportunity. Fred DeFalco in 90 days had the entire company and all staff working in complete collaboration and helped us get a buy-in by most of the staff. Our corporate buyout was closed three months later.
Our family has only the highest praise for Fred DeFalco. He has served our family on numerous occasions in both personal and business matters totaling tens of millions of dollars. Our family’s much-needed privacy from the public eye was always protected. Each matter was efficient, cost-effective, and a thoroughly delightful experience. He is consistent; and operates in the toughest situations with grace, charm, and finesse.
When illness forced our family into major business and personal crises, the many professionals we had trying to help us failed or could not help us, and it led to multiple lawsuits, then we were referred to Fred DeFalco. After just three weeks we saw the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and that light came to fruition for our business and family within three months. Thank You, Fred DeFalco
As a divorce attorney practicing for 25 plus years, there is only one consultant I have on my phone and I refer to my HNW clients for personal and business matters, Fred DeFalco. Fred’s alternative dispute resolution is magic. I never thought my “perfect” marriage would ever end, it became a nightmare affecting my personal life and practice, but Fred was there for me and in 90 days I was a new person. 
To this day, I am not sure how Fred DeFalco got my ex-wife and me to reach an amicable settlement of all our personal issues without a lawsuit, but he did. There are not enough words to describe how caring and thoughtful this man is to all he works with.
When I needed to sell corporately owned multi-million-dollar assets in a specific time frame, I met with many who called themselves experts. Many with impressive credentials. When I met Fred DeFalco, who was from out of my area, he was the only one who could and would promise me a specific time frame. Sixty-Two days later, all the assets were sold and closed. Thank you, Fred DeFalco.
As a trustee of my father’s complicated estate, all the attorneys involved only added fuel to the fire of family disputes among my five siblings. Family disputes turned into a very expensive 20-month legal battle and a lawsuit. The estate’s legal bills were $350,000 in the 20 months when Fred DeFalco was introduced to the family. Fred was able to get six children to agree and stop fighting, the lawsuit was settled in three months, and a proper strategy was put in place to settle the estate quickly.
Fred DeFalco literally helped save my life. Divorce after 35 years of marriage is ugly enough, but during the same time, my father’s estate, which I had an interest in, was robbed a brother, which also resulted in the filing of a foreclosure on my luxury home. Also, the theft became a threat of losing a 25-year family business tied up in the estate. I thought the world had ended. Four months later, we were all taken care of. Fred DeFalco produced twenty-one offers on our home, met with the bank at a prearranged mediation he strategically planned with our attorney, negotiated a successful settlement agreement at mediation which protected our equity, and got the sale closed in 45 days. During the same time, he settled a $420,000 claim on the family business from an estate attorney, which saved the business. I am now in a new home and building a new life for myself, and the family business is in great shape.
Our national family-owned commercial real estate investment company has been around for 65 years. We have used many national commercial real estate companies to buy and sell commercial assets. We chose Fred DeFalco and his system over national companies and multi-family specialists when selling two significant multi-family assets. We had a price target very high that was way above market statistics and comparable properties. The results were astounding compared to what other professionals had predicted we could achieve with the two sales.
I have been practicing bankruptcy law for many years specializing in corporate restructuring with the chapter 11 process. Two of my clients had Fred DeFalco involved as their real estate specialist and consultant. What was achieved with his involvement was one for the Chapter 11 textbooks. His tenacity, persistence, and skill turned horrible situations into win-win business arrangements for all involved.
As a litigation attorney with 40 years of experience, I have known Fred since 1990. I have been astounded by every transaction that Fred DeFalco has been involved in with my clients. In numerous cases, I have seen him come up with the most creative real estate resolutions with the country’s biggest and most challenging banks by creating value for both sides. His philosophy that he lives daily by focusing on What’s Right vs. Who’s Right in every deal is powerful and very effective.
When I needed an extensive aviation facility for my international business and private plane collection, I was introduced to Fred DeFalco. When he identified the right place that was not even on the market, he swiftly started a process, including flying across the country with only a few hours’ notice to wrap up the transaction. Two months later, I was the proud owner of my own aviation center and corporate headquarters.
Our group had an opportunity to purchase a 54-story office building fully rented at a 40% discount with 65% owner financing offered if we could produce a contract of sale with a 35-day closing (January 1st Deadline for the corporation to have the asset off their books). The agreement had a must one-million-dollar cash deposit. We ran out of options, and then we were introduced to Fred. We believe in him so much we offered him a 25% partnership to help us make the transaction happen. In 48 hours, he had the deal wrapped up and signed; we closed on the building on December 31st at 8:30 PM.
My husband purchased 37 acres to redevelop into an RV Park, a personal dream after working all his career for others selling RVs. After a lengthy approval process and just ready to build, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only given a few months to live. After scrambling with many brokers and trying to find the right solution, we came up with no answers other than letting the property go at a fire sale and lose all our equity which was needed for what we were facing personally. My husband met Fred DeFalco at the RV dealership he worked for, they struck up a conversation. One hour later, Fred was touring the property; by the end of that day, we had a contract to close in 25 days. We closed 19 days later, and we received the $300,000 we had put into the property. My husband lived another nine months after the sale; we traveled in our Class A RV and had a blast for six of those nine months, thanks to Fred DeFalco.
As a banking executive in real estate lending for many years, I had a customer who purchased 54 acres, and we were going to do the lending. However, the lending became challenging on the property due to zoning issues and a few other problems. My customer needed to develop an exit strategy that would hopefully be profitable versus giving up on the property. Fred DeFalco was my customer on a commercial property we had financed for him. I was always impressed with Fred’s creativity. I recommended that my customer contact Fred. My customer called me three days later and said THANK YOU, Fred developed a plan, and I will be closing on the property in 30 days and with a big profit, and he did.
My parents lived in Florida, 1200 miles from me and 3000 miles away from my brother. My father had to use all the equity in their 6000 square foot country club home to try and save his businesses during the 2008 – 2009 economic crisis. Sadly, my father’s health started failing, and he died four years later. My mother handled everything and the debt for a few years until her health began to decline, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My brother and I took over all financial affairs for my mother and wanted to move her near me. We put the house on the market with the community expert and waited for a sale that would give us enough money to pay off the mortgage and debts to the community after one year and many price reductions that never happened. After that, one year later, most of my mother’s funds were depleted, and she had to be hospitalized permanently. We were stressed to the max; the house, the upkeep, the payments, HOA expenses, and the mortgage were now our burden. A friend of our family in Florida recommended we contact Fred DeFalco. In 30 days, our problems were solved. Fred immediately took over everything including all expenses. He did all this, plus he made sure we were released from any current and future liabilities. We were totally free to focus on my mother and the remaining 18 months she lived.

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